Why Dash ?

Low Fares

We provide very low fare rides, as our Surge pricing is capped at 2 X(times), so that you never get overcharged for your ride.

Lowest ETA's

We have Lowest ETA’s in the market, since we have the largest registered fleet. So, you don't have to wait for an extra minute.

Wide Range of services

Whether it's a short distance auto ride within the city or a comfortable and economical ride out of town, we have a wide range of services to cater your need.

Safe Rides

Our driver partners go through verification and soft skill training programs. Live ride tracking and 100% thorough sanitization of the car before and after you use our cabs, to ensure your safe travel.

No Cancellation Guarantee

Our drivers know the pickup and drop location of the customer before accepting the ride, eliminating the chances of cancellation.

Happy Rides

Drivers work for an average of 9 hrs with us, instead of an industry avg of 12 hrs, improving service standards and cleaner cars.

Dash Mera Desi

All our resources in bringing together the company are 100% made in India.

About Us.

Dash is a driver friendly marketplace that connects driver partners with users who want to book a taxi.

DASH  which stands for Drivers Are Stake Holders comes with a vision to empower the driver community across the country and building an Indian-tech ecosystem to make commute a safe and pleasant experience.

Our low fare cab service delivers the minimum fares to the consumers, and still ensures that our drivers make more money as compared to working with other App Aggregators, by charging the drivers 80% lower commissions. (Win-Win Scenario)

We believe in staying driven! By increasing the driver earnings significantly and allowing a wide range of vehicles including Sedans, SUVs, Hatchbacks and autos, we plan to delivery for both – drivers and customers, a happy and cost effective ridesharing experience.

Currently, Dash offers online cab booking services in the Chandigarh Tri-City area with a fleet of professionally trained driver partners and well maintained cars. Our operations team and 24/7 customer and driver help-line are backed by robust technology put together to deliver the best taxi booking experience to every customer.

Dash is brought to you by the Founder of Quick Cabs Pvt Ltd, a Radio Taxi company in Delhi that launched aggregation with a fleet of 3000 vehicles (45% of the market) in 2010.



We provide cabs with lowest ETA’s as a result of exclusivity contracts with Drivers.


Our Pricing and policies are crystal clear to consumers and partners.


All our Driver Partners go through Verification & Soft Skills Training programs


Hatchback Sedan Sedan SUV SUV rickshaw Auto
Rs. 30
Rs. 38
Rs 80
Rs. 14
Per Km.
Rs. 6
Rs. 7
Rs. 14
Rs. 7
Per Min.
Rs 1
Rs 1
Rs 2
5% GST Extra
Tolls & Taxes Extra

Driver zone

Dash provides a low subscription based model to the driver partners where they can work for a heathy number of hours and can increase their earnings by 2x.

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